Thursday, October 21, 2010

The first donation to the Sichuan Kaspersky 1.2 million yuan in cash

May 13, Wenchuan County in Sichuan Province that suffered heavy losses due to earthquakes, the number of stars Kaspersky immediately decided by the joint Red Cross Foundation of China (hereinafter referred to as Red Foundation of China) 1.2 million yuan in cash donations to the disaster area, this procurement and for emergency relief supplies to affected people in resettlement, so as to help the disaster areas through the first difficulties. In order to withstand future emergencies arising from natural disasters brought about the humanitarian disaster, Kaspersky will work with the Chinese Red Foundation established a special Disaster Relief Fund Kaspersky.

Beijing Kaspersky Deputy General Manager Xu said at the donation site, "a difficult one, P Plus support" is the traditional virtue of Chinese nation, but as a presence in China four years of Kaspersky, which has become China's information The main members of the security industry, in terms of relief duty for the Kaspersky company. Therefore, in the Sichuan region after the disaster occurred, Kaspersky and contact number of the Chinese Red Star the first time to discuss aid in the IMF, the two sides decided to donate 1.2 million yuan in cash the first batch of disaster relief funds, will be the reconstruction process in the future and increase network security and other areas, including assistance efforts.

Kaspersky and Digital Star common appeal to all distributors, partners, and regional customers a helping hand, by setting in the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, the Disaster Relief Fund Kaspersky special fund-raising account for disaster relief in Sichuan and make its own contribution to the reconstruction efforts.

Chinese Red Cross Foundation to relevant sources, Kaspersky and digital sky donations have been received, the Red Cross long-term concern for Kaspersky development of Chinese society, and made for the public good thank selfless dedication .

It is understood that as the world-renowned Kaspersky anti-virus vendors in the information security industry to promote the rapid development of China, but also will pay attention to people's livelihood as their business mission. November 2006, Kaspersky for the Chinese education sector to implement a "genuine concern about universal education," the donation, the same year in December, the face of our strong earthquakes occurred in Taiwan, earthquake emergency special offers Kaspersky Key to solution of the urgent needs of users.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Synthesis of light effects Photoshop

In addition to adjusting color, brightness, what ways to make an ordinary picture quality better? You do not have a better idea of the time, maybe you can try the following approach.

Sometimes, a common image with lighting effects, then the resulting transformation is amazing. Proper lighting effects, the details of the image will become more prominent, and has a photo feature. If you heard of the famous Auto FX company produces the filter Mystical Lighting, you can understand the thrust of this article today. Auto FX filters are produced each called a boutique! If you like the effect of those wonderful images, you may Auto FX's crazy love those products. But this Mystical Lighting filter, ah, say? The only regret is that - on the Chinese market, especially the individual user, not a small number of 179 U.S. dollars. Therefore, more funds can be allocated to this project, we need to use their brains to see if there is no way to achieve similar results. In the example below, we will add lighting effects in the image, the image of the main features appear to come in through the window in the same light. As shown.

Final renderings

We are the main process is divided into three parts:

1. To create custom shapes;
2. To create the necessary replacement plan;
3. Late modification effect.

Part I: Create Custom Shapes

If you frequently use Photoshop's path tool, then the shape of the custom must be familiar with. Both beginners and veteran of the custom shape is to save time and reduce errors in effective ways. Especially for people who do not use the path. To know the path is not as simple as you seem, as long as a node with a pen out of a node on the line description. This is only the most basic usage of the path can be studied or causing!

In this example, we want to create a simple window shape.

1. Create a new document, select the vector rectangle tool options in the tools "to create a new working path." Upper left corner of the canvas to draw a small rectangular path.

2. Select the path component selection tool, click on the rectangular path, hold down the Alt key, copy the seven horizontal (you may need to be based on their own). Will be one of the move to the upper right corner of the canvas, then this rectangle with eight options in the arrangement and distribution of bar, select "Align top" and "intermediate level of distribution", so that the interval of eight rectangular is completely different. (Figure 01)

Figure 01

3. To maintain the eight rectangle selected, press Shift + Alt while, then click the down arrow keys, so it was down eight rectangular copied from the row of rectangular 10 pixels, Shift to ensure replication the vertical direction. Then, release the Alt key, and still hold down the Shift key, and continue down arrow keys until the distance between two rows of rectangular right. Under this method, continue to replicate until the path of all the rectangular shapes. (Figure 02)

Figure 02

4. Select Edit> define custom shape, in the pop-up dialog box, name the new shape. Select custom shape tool in the shape of the drop-down menu, you should see the shape we have just defined. (Figure 03)

Figure 03

Here, the path you draw the shape determines the shape of the back window, you can design a variety of shapes, such as shutters.

Part II: production of replacement plan

What is the replacement plan? Distortion filter in Photoshop has a called "replacement" of the filter, replacement plan is to act on this filter. Replacement filter replacement plan under the circumstances to determine the image distortion. Here we give a simple example to demonstrate the role of replacement filters. Figure 04 is a replacement map image, the background filled with 50% gray, the two above each gradient. Figure 05a is not applied when the image replacement, Figure 05b is applied after the image replacement. Can be seen, gray value of 128 places no replacement, but lower than 128, the image downward bending, higher than 128, then the upward bend. Replacement filters can make your images to achieve more natural distortion effects. But before the application, we must first prepare replacement plans. (Figure 04,05 a, 05b)

Figure 04

Figure 05a


Figure 05b

Any image can be used as a replacement map. Because the replacement filter is based on replacement value chart to determine the pixel brightness distortion. Replacement plan to photograph as the biggest problem is that all the details of the plan could lead to unpredictable distortions, such as some small texture. So we have to keep the image, while the main content of the elimination of too many details as possible. The easiest way is to apply to your image Gaussian blur with a radius of about 2.5 pixels can be. This image is already available for most, but you can also use the Dodge and burn tool for further processing of your images, where it is needed to make some better contrast.

Back to our example, you can use this image itself is a little processing as a replacement plan to use. Method is applied to it a Gaussian blur radius to 2, then use the Save As command, save it as a PSD format, with an intuitive name to name, such as the displacement map. (Figure 06)

Figure 06

Part III: effects of late modification

1. Open your original image, select the custom shape tool, to find we have just defined the shape of the window. In the tool options, select the "Create a new shape layer" will foreground color set to white, and then drag the image in the required shape. (Figure 07)

Figure 07

2. In the Edit command, select Transform Path> distortion, drag the control points, will distort the shape layer. (Figure 08)

Figure 08

3. Select Filter> distort> replacement, the replacement of the former, Photoshop will warn you to be raster layer, click "Yes" after the pop-up dialog replacement. Proportional control in which the horizontal and vertical extent of the distortion, we shall set to 30% in the case of the image the same size, stretch to fit and the collage effect is the same, undefined by default regional settings "Repeat Edge Pixels" (Figure 09). This image was distorted. (Figure 10)

Figure 09

Figure 10

4. Now, select the Gaussian blur filter, slightly fuzzy look, probably set to 1.2 pixel radius around the mixed layer to overlay, the effect of light will appear. (Figure 11)

Figure 11

5. If you feel weak lighting effects, you can use layer styles to enhance. Select Gradient Overlay style, set the gradient of the mixed-mode stack, set the gradient from white to black, it would be the light fade from front to back. If you want some of the light intensity on the set of a large opacity, contrast, opacity should be set smaller. (Figure 12)

Figure 12

In this way, you can simulate a variety of shapes from the windows revealed a light, and the following diagram, is the blind imitation effect. (Figure 13)

Figure 13

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ministry of Industry and the financial allocation in 2010 was 11.3 billion

April 8 news, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology yesterday announced the 2010 budget estimates. According to the budget released by the Ministry of Industry and tables, the Ministry of Industry and the 2010 budget revenues and expenditures are a total of 22.086 billion yuan, including 11.285 billion yuan of which a total income of the financial allocation.

Ministry of Industry and Budget 2010 financial allocation of income, including 11.285 billion yuan, business income of 6.189 billion yuan, and institutions operating income of 991 million yuan and other income of 2.774 billion yuan, etc., in addition to funds to make up the balance of payments with the institution's 290 million yuan and carry-over 555 million yuan over the previous year. Revenue totaled 22.086 billion yuan.

In 2010, the Ministry of Industry Expenditures to 21.851 billion yuan, of which the largest expenditure item for the science and technology budget of 11.269 billion yuan, accounting for more than half of total expenditures. Then there is the education of 5.547 billion yuan and resource exploration and power information services 3.364 billion yuan. Housing security spending 759 million yuan, expenditure on social security and employment 185 million, culture, sports and the media 673 million yuan, foreign expenditures 2,471.81 million, defense spending 4.656 million, earthquake reconstruction spending 23.4107 million yuan. It also includes the 235 million carried over the next year.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

From "Made in China" to "Created in China"

China, in just within 20 years "world factory" in the position, mainly rely on large quantities of cheap labor to reduce 鎴愭湰. But with the increase in labor costs as well as India, Vietnam, the rise of "China" is slowly losing cost advantage.

Domestic business community insight, including the Haier Group CEO Zhang Yin Mingshan, chairman of the Chongqing Lifan Group, have seen it and made a "Made in China" concept. Zhang once said, "to create a people I have not, and manufacturing is someone I have."

From "manufacturing" to "create", although only one word, companies need to do is quite different. Zhizao Di products, Zhi need Anzhao customer orders on time you can guarantee quality and Liang, and "creation" of Chan Pin, have to directly face the market in Feng Xian: Zhen Zheng met Xiao Feizhe the need to, to ensure that competitors in a short period Bunengkaifa a similar product, to ensure that launched at the right time ... ...

The most important is the new product ideas. How to get creative? Past the traditional view is that creativity comes from the sudden inspiration to luck. Two of the U.S. Business School Professor of the hundreds of successful new products, the found that most successful new product ideas come from the same line of thought: hybrid.

Development of new tips: Hybrid

Over the past number of successful "hybrid" products include sofa bed, can call the fax machine and a refrigerator with freezer. These are some similar features to combine the resulting products. Now, the success of new products are generally of the two seemingly completely different, even totally unrelated products together.

For example, South Korea's LG has introduced a measure of blood sugar levels can phone at any time. The phones main elderly and children, the user can drop of blood on a test paper, and then the test strip into a slot in the phone, you can get the latest time the blood glucose data.

New hybrids are sometimes produced affect the entire industry, or even create a new industry.

Sony pioneered the Walkman, so people can listen at any time to hear their music, creating a whole new way of life. Subsequently, Apple to MP3 and oversized storage space combine to create a rage iPod. Recently, Apple and Nike to launch a new type of running shoes. Apple Nike running shoes to insert a chip used to record the running of the step frequency, and wireless signal transmission to the user's iPod nano. In this way, users can run at any time know the distance and calories burned up.

Of course, just the two unrelated products together is not enough. Enterprises must fully understand the features of both products and features to combine them effectively. This combination of psychologists to the process known as "idea came" (emergence), they found that the more irrelevant the two products, the more have the potential to produce a sensational effect. This, and the nature of "hybrid vigor" is quite common.

Successful product must have a hybrid feature, is to create a new user experience, and this user experience must come from a combination of both. We can look at a less successful example. LL International Shoe Company in Los Angeles produced called Code M's running shoes, running shoes in the heel in the direct implantation of an MP3 player, music, radio signals can be sent to the user's headset. However, the user, not in the running time in addition to carrying a separate MP3 player, there is no other the benefits. In comparison, LG's mobile phones can not only measure blood sugar, blood glucose levels measured can also be immediately distributed to users via SMS family, so that they keep abreast of the user's health.

So how can companies products through two completely different surface features, see the innovation and opportunity?

Ideas for inspiration

A good way to get inspiration is to observe the functions of the two products each, and then use them together. Two products appear to have no contact, can combine to provide customers with two products alone can not provide a selling point? Enterprises can start from their own products to see their products will be involved in the use of any other products and these two products together will produce if any good?, for example, can take pictures of the phone allows ordinary people to see their own situation at any time send to others, which became its selling point.

You need to answer several key questions: the same product in combination with another when the key features of existing products, what happens? For example, iPod's screen to display music information could have been, and Nike running shoes in combination, used to display the distance on the run, and calories burned a. Another problem is that if the different products has never been any contact before, how to make them happen link?

In this hybrid with the new product launch, always will be very easy for the market acceptance and generate understood why people feel. A few classic examples:

MP3 + big hard drive = iPod

Phone + email = BlackBerry

TV + digital storage device = Tivo

... ...

And market communication

Sometimes, a new product launch, consumers need more time to understand and accept the benefits of new features. Even some consumers may think that two new features put together will influence each other. This time, and consumers need to fully communicate. Not only to tell consumers the benefits of new products, but also tell them the possible risks of new products, and the company have solutions.

For example, Victorinox has recently unveiled a Swiss Army knife with USB mobile hard disk. The new mobile hard drives are very useful and it can carry when going out. But when flying, Swiss Army knife can only be checked, which is the user's data is a security risk. Victorianox with a simple solution to this problem is to be demolished, mobile hard disk made, And they spared no effort in advertising 涓?Gao Zhi Xiao Feizhe this.

Responsibility to be creative in not only the creative staff in the enterprise, but also because each entrepreneur. After all, the entrepreneur himself is the understanding of their products and users who. Once you master the right thinking, and you can be creative as master of Jobs.

The market will always have room for innovation and breakthrough, do not believe that we can again hear the former president of Warner Bros. Harry - Warner in 1927, said then, "who want to listen to movie actor to speak ah?"


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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

For Kaspersky and Rising court

As the "manslaughter" incident which caused the two major virus prevention software companies and foreign war of words finally come to an end. July 2, Kaspersky, said the official release announcement, the company would Rising acts of unfair competition to the Tianjin No. 1 Intermediate People's Court proceedings. The Court has accepted the case and will be July 23, 2007 in Tianjin First Intermediate People's Court.
Event Review:

The morning of May 19 this year started, many card companies for help users to Rising: The Kaspersky anti-virus software, anti-virus, the Rising card online security aides can not properly upgraded. Rising R & D testing of Kaspersky anti-virus software was found to Rising card upgrade components identified as virus, and it completely removed, resulting in Rising card can not be upgraded. At the same time, when Kaspersky Anti-Virus real-time monitoring function is activated, the user even reinstall Rising Kaka, the upgrade components will continue to be killed than a result of the product can not be upgraded. Rising According to statistics, said the first six months, Kaspersky anti-virus software up to a total of 22 incidents of manslaughter. Kaspersky response to killing Rising Kaka: all for user security, and quickly made a statement. As a result, two well-known software companies, the long-lasting war of words.

Public opinion:

Some Internet users believe that this was Rising and fierce competition led to Kaspersky, and a little feeling of mutual slander. Important that the product well, so protracted war of words, there is speculation suspects.
There are users that this is foreign-made software and software in a contest. The two software vendors has been very intense competition, manslaughter gate events as the fuse, will improve both the contradictions out. In fact, the first focus as consumers of products or their use is trustworthy.

Product manufacturers initiatives:

May 23, Rising company issued a notice, saying that Kaspersky six months up to 22 major incidents of manslaughter, which is contempt for the behavior of Chinese users. May 30, the incident escalated once again employed Forum Kaspersky gunmen suspected malicious slander, Rising offering a reward of 1 million collection of evidence, to prosecute Kaspersky. June 1, Rising Rising reward the company announced the implementation of rules of evidence Kaspersky defamation.

Cabas on May 20, 2007 manslaughter door quickly to respond to incidents, and said in a statement, Kaspersky in the world have followed the "user safety first" principle of protection against any possible threat to computer security The process will be a warning to the user, even if these processes from the commercial software, Avira Rising Kaka event is all for user security. July 2, Kaspersky Labs, said the official release announcement, the company with the Rising court.

Notice reads as follows:

Beijing Rising Technologies AG, for damage to our business by reputation, product reputation and the way to achieving its objective of acts of unfair competition, our company was June 11, 2007 to the Tianjin No. 1 Intermediate People's Court proceedings. The court accepted the prosecution of our company and has notified the parties by summons, the case will be July 23, 2007 in Tianjin First Intermediate People's Court.

Kaspersky July 2, 2007

No matter who won in this case, manslaughter door event finally is the majority of users and consumers have a result. But for software vendors, the prosecution of the company Kaspersky on the Rising, Rising whether the Kaspersky company's fight back? Or really want to use legal weapons to protect their own interests? As a result, we can only wait and see.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ESRI experts, non-Chan: Snow Emergency GIS can do more

Since mid-November, the history of northern China suffered a rare snow disaster, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Shaanxi, Xinjiang, Ningxia, 8 provinces (regions) nearly a thousand people were affected, the death tolls dozens of people, the direct economic loss of nearly 100 million yuan. Use of GIS for disaster prevention and mitigation is now being more and more people are concerned. In addition to weather forecasting, GIS in this snow disaster which could play a role? Interview with Xinhua, China's emergency management experts ESRI Non-Chen.

"In fact, the GIS used in the heavy snow emergency management is not only theoretically feasible, there are a lot of success in domestic and international practice." Chen said non. After the snowstorm, GIS can not only reflect the road conditions and traffic incidents, but also on snow removal vehicles, personnel, and other materials for deicing scheduling and allocation, greatly increase efficiency and ensure smooth traffic. In water supply, water supply systems through GIS location and depth of buried pipeline information retrieval, in combination with other analysis of the cracking of the pipeline by means of easy to focus on protection facilities. In power terms, GIS can be used to track the fault point, and timely use of mobile GIS fault information collection and feedback to the rapid restoration of electricity.

Non-Chen said: "In the United States Buffalo, New York, people also use GIS to manage the trees damaged in the snowstorm, prevent injury or damage trees and public facilities. If the snow emergency departments are able to establish emergency response GIS system and share information through the network, then a comprehensive analysis of such information will greatly enhance our ability to deal with snow. "

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CorelDRAW to create colorful light bulbs

This tutorial by China Network uthin (sorrow fade) original.

Look at the final result:

(Figure 1)

Some bulb base

1. Painted oval, ray gradient fill (gradient value white to C20 K80) as (Figure 2) 1
2. Draw a larger oval, linear gradient fill, such as (Figure 2) 2
3. Duplicates of a oval, widening, such as (Figure 2) 3
4. Interactive reconciliation tools, such as (Figure 2) 4
5. And then draw a slightly larger oval, linear gradient fill, such as (Figure 2) 5
6. Duplicates of a ellipse, such as (Figure 2) 6
7. Interactive reconciliation tool, ctrl + k split harmonic groups harmonize group gradient, such as (Figure 2) 7

(Figure 2)

8. Draw a filled oval gradient (gradient values: black to K50), such as (Figure 3) 8
9. Screw parts:
Draw two oval, pruning tools, pruning obtained as (Figure 3) 9.4
Then obtained as the intersection (Figure 3) 9.5, fill the top layer of fill gradients, such as (Figure 3) 9.3
Fill the bottom layer of K40, are such as (Figure 3) 9.6
10. To just do the screws put to the Department for some positions, such as (Figure 3) 10

Base of the partially completed

(Figure 3)

Some bulbs Dengxin

11. Dengxin with the Pen tool to draw shapes, fill gradient (gradient values K14 to C64 M31) did not, the interactive clear: standards, transparency 54, such as (Figure 4) 11
12. With the pen tool to draw Dengxin agglomeration within the shape, fill gradient (gradient values K14 to C64 M31) did not, the interactive clear: standards, transparency 54, such as (Figure 4) 12
13. With the pen tool to tick the filament, such as (Figure 4) 13

(Figure 4)

14. With the pen tool to draw the filament column placed Dengxin bottom, such as (Figure 5) 14
15. With the pen tool to draw the tungsten filament, such as (Figure 5) 15

Deng Xin partially completed

(Figure 5)

Lamp parts

16. Back to the holder, press + to copy the most on the black oval, in order to distinguish between, let's fill the gray, turn into a curve, such as (Figure 6) 16
17. Shape tool, drag the top node, such as (Figure 6) 17

(Figure 6)

18. Painted oval, such as (Figure 7) 18

(Figure 7)

19. Combined with the gray layer to obtain such (Figure 8) 19

(Figure 8)

20. Shape tool, select the gray layer, remove the sides of the node, such as (Figure 9) 20

(Figure 9)

21. Bulb with a gradient fill color (gradient values: C100 white to blue), the interactive transparency tool: standard, transparency 60.

(Figure 10)

22. To do a good job of Deng Xin into the bulb, the order of the bulb behind the adjustment of the binding sites Deng Xin and lamp holder.
And then do something on the bulb surface refraction.
The lamp is complete.

(Figure 11)

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